In 2011 and 2014 the City of Woodland purchased a total of 46.7 acres of land on the top of Scott Hill and designated the land for use as a park.

The Rotary Club of Woodland is working with the City to build Scott Hill Park to include a sports complex by creating the vision for the park and sports complex, raising funds needed to build the park, overseeing park construction, and planning for sustainable operations and management of the park.

Scott Hill Park & Sports Complex will give Woodland residents more opportunity for outdoor recreation and activity and to get involved in and/or play in team sports. Especially for youth, team sports help develop skills, character and friendships.

The park, being in a central Woodland location, can be a community event and meeting space which helps build a stronger community. The park is also being built on high ground and may also serve as a central disaster relief and command location.

As a regional park with the ability to host large sports tournaments, Woodland and the surrounding areas in Clark & Cowlitz Counties will benefit economically from the many competing teams, friends and family visiting the park. Not only will adding a park and sports complex to the Woodland community add to the livability and quality of place in Woodland for current residents but make Woodland more attractive to potential businesses and residents.

Scott Hill Concept

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Scott Hill Park is located at the top of Scott Hill Rd in Woodland, WA.

Intro Video

Watch this video to learn about how Scott Hill Park came about.